What does it cost to use Wellness Storehouse?

There is no cost.  Your online store is free.  There are no setup costs, maintenance fees, annual fees, cancellation fees or long-term contracts of any kind.  Your dedicated sales and marketing support is also free.  We make money only when you make money!

How much revenue can adding your service bring to my practice?

You will receive a payout starting at 35- 50% on the gross profit of your patients’ purchases every month.  If for example, your average patient order size is $143 (the Wellness Storehouse average), you would yield an annualized net profit of over $45,000 with only five patients ordering per day!  Do you see more patients than that per day?  You do the math!

I am new to selling supplements and not sure where to begin.  How can you help?

If you have never recommended or sold any supplements we can definitely help you get started.  Depending on the type of practice that you have, we will create custom nutritional protocols to help you address the most common conditions you are facing and your patient base.  We will also provide you with ongoing educational support from sharing our experience, introducing you to other like minded practitioners and establishing the relationship with your manufacturer’s practice educators.

I already sell supplements out of my office.  Would an online store through Wellness Storehouse reduce my current revenues?

No, the opposite – you should expect an increase in revenues.  Keep doing what you are currently doing at your practice.  As part of being our customer we will even help you grow your in-office sales.  Adding our online store solution to your website will help you capture the many patients who do not come back on a monthly basis to repurchase because of convenience, lack of time or distance.  We will work closely with you to increase patient compliance as close to 100% as possible.

My practice does not have a website. Can I still use Wellness Storehouse?

Yes! We can set up a shopping cart for you and provide you with a URL through which you and your patients can access it.  You can also partially customize the URL to whatever you would like. Example: wscart.com/yourname

If I don’t like it, can I cancel my Wellness Storehouse service?

There is no reason to cancel the service, since Wellness Storehouse does not cost anything to use, nor does it require any sort of upkeep on the part of the practitioner. However if you’d like to cancel, you may do so at any time.  We guarantee your satisfaction.

Which product lines do you offer?

We have the ability to offer practically any product from any product line!  In fact, we provide you with access to over 40,000 different products!  That is more than anyone else in the industry.

I don’t have time to set up anything complicated. What do I have to do to use Wellness Storehouse?

All you have to do is send us a copy of the completed application along with a copy of your license to new.accounts@wellnessstorehouse.com.  It takes less than 30 min and your cart can be updated at any time.  If you prefer, simply call or email us and we will walk you through the process.

Why should I choose Wellness Storehouse over another product or service?

Wellness Storehouse is unique in that it offers a fully customized shopping cart with only the products you would like to carry and not limited to a specific number of brands.  We are the only full service dispensary in the industry.  We don’t just provide you with a store and fulfillment – that is only the beginning.  We work hand in hand to help educate your patients and improve their compliance.  An on-site sales rep is there to guide you along the way to not only increase your online sales but also sales in your office.  We are there every step of the way to help you reach your goals.  No other company does what we do!

I just signed up for Wellness Storehouse. How do I get the word out to my patients?

Wellness Storehouse is happy to provide practices with free marketing materials to encourage patients to use the service. This can range from marketing copy to include in mailings or email newsletters to patients, products for your office that direct people to your online storefront, and under certain conditions even equipment for your office that can be used to allow patients to place orders before they leave.  You will also have a personal sales support rep to help you customize a process that best fits your practice.

Why do you feel that having a local sales rep is so important?

We don’t just give you a store and wish you good luck with it.  We roll up our sleeves and actually help you make it a success.  Nothing can replace local on-site sales support to share and help implement decades of experience in online and in-office sales.  You don’t have the time to figure out how to drive traffic to your site or optimize all processes in your office.  Let us do that for you.

Sign me up! How soon can I start sending my patients to my online storefront?

We can get you and your practice fully up and running with Wellness Storehouse in less than a week.

Is Wellness Storehouse an online pharmacy?

No. Wellness Storehouse can only be used to sell over-the-counter products and supplements, not prescription drugs.

Is Wellness Storehouse secure?

We understand how important the trust between doctors and patients is, and strive to uphold that with our service. All Wellness Storehouse transactions are processed through Authorize.NET, a recognized leader in the payment processing industry.  Furthermore, customer data is always handled with care.

Do I need to be a physician or work at a medical practice to use Wellness Storehouse services?

No, you do not need to be a medical doctor, but you do need to be in a health-related occupation. Physical therapists, aestheticians, chiropractors, naturopaths, and other wellness-related occupations are welcome.