Fully Customized Shopping Cart - Any Brand, Any Product!
Wellness Storehouse offers you access to more brands and products than any other company in the industry!  You would be able to offer your patients virtually any products from any brand. One-stop shopping plus free shipping on orders over $100 equals happier patients.

icon_timeA Complete Store - Your patients will save time and money
Wellness Storehouse makes it easy to offer supplements to your patients.  Having access to any product from any company allows you to have a complete store where your patients will find all of the products you recommend.  That drastically increases the long term compliance rate and eliminates the patient’s need to try to find the products at other places like Amazon.

Capture Recurring Revenue While Improving Patient Outcomes
Wellness Storehouse makes it easy and convenient to order products through your website.  We work along with you every step of the way to increase patient compliance as close to 100% as possible - both online and in your office.  Improved compliance results in healthier patients!

No Hassle
We handle everything - the store, credit card processing, packing, same day shipments of the orders, returns, and customer service.  In addition we help you with marketing and provide you with real-time reporting.  All you do is simply refer patients to your own store!

icon_confidenceWe are here to help you along the way
Wellness Storehouse is the only full service solution in the industry.  Our focus is on providing a highly individualized and customized service not on gathering thousands of accounts.  We know our customers and they know us.  We do not only provide you with a store and a fulfillment service.  We work with you hand in hand to help you improve your patient compliance rate not only online but also in your office by creating customized tools to fit your practice.
icon_visibilityBoost Your Practice’s Visibility
Wellness Storehouse gives your patients a new reason to visit your website more often.  The results is not only more patient appointments but higher visibility on the search engines.