About Wellness Storehouse

Wellness Storehouse is the only complete e-commerce and logistics solution for healthcare professionals. Our efficient service allows you to improve revenues
from the products and supplements that you’re already recommending to your patients, by selling them online, without any additional hassle.



Adding an online storefront gives your patients a trusted and convenient way to get exactly what they need. If you already sell supplements, we can make the process easier, and if you don’t, we can make it simple to start and add a new revenue stream to your practice.


Our truly distinct services are unmatched in the healthcare industry because no other company gives you a fully customized shopping cart with every product you would like to carry along with on-site sales and marketing support. As our customer we will work with you every step of the way to increase patient supplement compliance as close to 100% as possible both online and in the office. The result – healthier patients, healthier practice!

From beginning to end, we handle it all!

Ivaylo B Gatev

Ivaylo B Gatev

CEO and Co-Founder

Ivaylo B Gatev

Ivaylo is the CEO and Co-Founder of Wellness Storehouse. He is passionate about improving the healthcare and patient outcomes in America. He strives to do so by increasing access to high quality supplements to patients, and relating the latest clinical advancements and best practices to clinicians. By helping manufacturers, educators, practitioners and patients to work together, everyone wins. Prior to launching Wellness Storehouse, Ivaylo was the President of another leading professional grade supplement company – MD Prescriptives.

His experience there taught him first hand the many challenges integrative practitioners are trying to resolvedaily. Through his almost 17 years experience in the healthcare field, he saw how having the right supplement, recommended by a medical professional, can make a world of difference in a person’s life.

Ivaylo’s vision and leadership have been recognized by many – from professional grade manufacturers to many of the clinical educational leaders. While his customers tell him that they appreciate the expertise and integrity he brings to the table, what they value most is his ability to help simplify the complexity in their minds and in their organizations. Ivaylo has a unique ability to clearly see the big picture and create a road map to achieve it

Kate Gatev

COO and Co-Founder

Kate Gatev

Kate is the Co-Founder and COO of Wellness Storehouse. Prior to starting Wellness Storehouse, Kate was the National Sales Manager of a professional-grade supplement company.

She understands the importance of the practitioner/sales rep relationship and is proud that Wellness Storehouse provides tools such as real-time access to sales and monthly reporting for proper allocation of commissions. As a breast cancer survivor, she recognizes how important a healthy lifestyle and supplements are for individual health outcomes. She has a passion for education and improving the application of technology to streamline daily operations.

Ranel Erickson

CTO and Co-Founder

Ranel Erickson

Dr. Ranel Erickson brings substantial experience to Wellness Storehouse, Inc. in teaching, managing, collaborating and developing e-commerce, database and multimedia systems. After graduating from Stanford University with a doctorate degree in Operations Research (mathematical analysis of business opportunities) he joined the faculty of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) teaching various computer related courses. Concurrently, he established a consulting business (Operations Analysis, Inc.) and developed many software applications one of which he patented and used as the director of technology to guide an e-commerce company (Purchase Pro, Inc.,) to a successful IPO during the dot.com era. Subsequently, he began working with Ivaylo and Kate to streamline information systems that connect the nutritional-supplement distribution chains down through manufacturers to their sales representatives to their practitioners and then to their patients. After retiring from UNLV as an Emeritus Faculty Member, he co-founded Wellness Storehouse as CTO to manage the team that develops and supports efficient software platforms for nutritional support of national wellness.

Meanwhile, he enjoys his wonderful family of eight children and 29 grandchildren. He continues to promote charitable initiatives through his 501(c)3 charitable organization Kokena.org including the NETGifting.com system which enables members of communities to give gifts to each other and a database of ancient religious manuscripts that provide historical evidence (RestorationEvidences.com) of God’s love for his children. Through personal experiences he knows that wellness comes from knowledgeable health care providers, nutritional supplements and faith.

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